Decision support tool for the management of antidepressant treatment. 
Designed for healthcare professionals.

The problem

Only 1 out of 2 patients reach symptom remission after 6 months of trying different treatment alternatives

patients suffering from depression in Sweden​

How it works

Solution for management of antidepressant treatment.

AI algorithms to predict the outcome of different antidepressant treatment options based on patient´s patterns of activity.

1. Record activity

The patient wears a medical-grade actigraph on  the wrist to record movement for about a week.

2. Analyze patterns

Gain insight into the patient’s daily activity using  our innovative graphic displays.

3. Estimate outcome

Estimate the outcome of several antidepressant treatment options simultaneously – before starting any treatment.

All information delivered in a user-friendly report

Benefits of using Ahead

Improve management of mental health using objective measures

About us

Technology developed in Prof. Sandra Ceccatelli´s lab at Karolinska Institutet. 

Sandra Ceccatelli, MD Professor

Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neuroscience, Ceccatelli Laboratory. Director of Karolinska Institutet Ming Wai Lau research centre in Hong Kong

Jan Furuvald

Long experience from business development, leadership and internationalization, primarily from companies providing digital solutions to healthcare industry.

Stefan Spulber, MD PhD

Senior researcher at Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neuroscience, Ceccatelli Laboratory. Core scientific and technology development.

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